Fairn & Swanson launches private-label cigarette brand


West Coast based distributor, retailer and wholesaler; Fairn & Swanson has launched its own private-label cigarette label named Seawolf.

The brand name Seawolf is inspired by the name of F&S’s founder Wolfgang Uhlig. The main brand elements are a wolf and the water, which mirrors the main characteristics of a real sea wolf—it is different and unique; the leader of the pack. It reflects who we are, in terms of the different distribution channels we service. We move our products by land and water, and we cover long distances, just like the real sea wolves.

The Seawolf brand can be currently purchased at any of the company’s retail stores, Baja Duty Free. We have seen an increased demand for value cigarette brands and having stores along the US-Mexican border was a great opportunity to launch Seawolf. It has been only three months since the brand was launched and so far, we have seen a good response from tobacco customers. F&S will start distributing the brand in other channels, like fishing boats, ship chandlers and South Pacific Islands.

The new Seawolf brand is initially available in three options: Full Flavor, Light and Natural. All three variants are offered in cartons and packs, but the full flavor and light presentations are offered in a 100-stick carton size only.

Seawolf is positioned as a value brand to take advantage of customer demand. The premium market is saturated by big brand names and our objective is to offer a premium quality cigarette at a lower price. Over the last few years the Southern border has experienced a major demand for value cigarette brands with this sub-category consistently growing year over year. Seawolf is a high quality offering that will be competitive in the value cigarette category and we plan to launch our brand in our other distribution markets very soon.